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Industrial Engineer

Job Re-Entry Services

A well-executed Reentry program acts as a lever intended to reduce recidivism.  Few can dispute the value and importance of meaningful employment.  The ability to support yourself and others, results in the development of self-worth and a feeling of belonging within society.

What We Do 

Distinctive Staffing Services TX offers workforce solutions to provide previously incarcerated men and women, as well as veterans, a network to employment.  We have partnered with a state funded Correctional Reentry program that provides comprehensive, wrap-around services that address immediate needs such as clothing, food, hygiene, housing assistance, referrals to social services and mental health supportive services that empower individuals as they return back to our communities.  Through targeted employment services and training, Distinctive Staffing Services TX is contributing to reducing recidivism, generational incarceration, and poverty in our communities.

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