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Substitute Teachers

Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, TX, USA

Job Type

Temp as needed

Site Requirement

On Site

About the Role


Our client is seeking Substitute teachers to support Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Desoto & Arlington  area 4th-12th grades on call as needed Teacher Certification Preferred or previous college coursework.  In order to create an encouraging learning environment for students while their regular Teacher is absent, the Substitute Teacher will need to effectively manage and instruct the class from roll call through to tidying up the classroom after the students have left.


  • Follow lesson plans provided by the regular Teacher to create a consistent learning experience for students

  • Manage the classroom effectively to encourage student participation, minimize distractions and maintain a positive learning environment

  • Supervise students in and out of the classroom, including in the halls, on the playground and in the cafeteria

  • Must possess strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.

  • Must enjoy working with children and demonstrate the required patience to engage young learners


Must have a minimum of 60 college credit hours (verified via transcript).

Teaching certification preferred. 

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