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Have an interview coming up? Here are some tips to help you prepare.

Preparing for an interview is just as important than the interview itself. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your interview.

Research the company

Going into an interview without any knowledge of the company shows you aren't interested. Looking into the company website can help you to understand the company's mission, culture better. When you research, you can use the information you learned to explain how you fit into the company. This also helps you see if this company is a good fit for you. A good start would be to go to their website and look at their about us page. Searching their LinkedIn page can also help you gain more insight.

Prepare interview attire the night before

First impressions are everything. Research the company's attire, which will help you appropriately dress for the interview. It would be best if you were clean-cut, whether the attire is casual or professional. Avoid wearing ill-fitting or revealing clothes.

Plan to arrive early

Beforehand make sure to research how far the interview is and make plans to be early.

Interviewing virtually?

If you have a virtual interview, download the necessary applications. Check your webcam and internet stability beforehand. Make sure you have a quiet space to attend the interview.

Practicing Interview questions

So how do you answer interview questions thoughtfully? First, research commonly questions asked and behavioral questions to prepare. Then, practice answering these questions out loud before the interview. Rehearsing will help you put your thoughts together, and you will be able to process your ideas beforehand and be ready to answer during the interview.

Common interview questions:

Can you tell me about yourself?

What is your greatest weakness?

Why should we hire you?

Behavioral Questions:

Tell me about a time you had to meet a tight deadline.

Tell me about a time when you worked well under pressure.

Tell me about a time when you failed in a team project and how you overcame it. Tell me about a time when you worked well under pressure.

Using the STAR method is an effective way of answering behavioral questions.

Situation Task Action Results

Prepare relevant questions to ask.

At some point in the interview, the interviewer will ask, "Do you have any questions?" You will ask questions relevant to the role and the company. Here are a few examples

Ex: What does success look like in this role?

Is there any room for growth in this role?

What are your expectations of me in the first 90 days?

What are the next steps in this hiring process?

Interviews are stressful, but preparing beforehand will help you be more successful during an interview. We can help you prepare for an interview and match you with a job that fits your life.

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