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Tired of the job search? Here are some ways to fight job hunt exhaustion.

Despite the looming reception, there are still many jobs available. However, some job seekers are struggling to find employment. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed with the job search.

Take a moment

Searching for a job can feel like a full-time job itself. So sometimes you have to take a break. It's natural to push forward and try to apply to even more jobs. However, you don't want to burn out. So take a day or two to do other things, then return to the job search after that moment.


Finding a volunteer opportunity can be helpful. Look in your field for one, or you could find a cause you're passionate about. This can give you purpose, keep you busy, and give you experience simultaneously.

Networking Events

Let's say your method was to apply, and you made connections on your LinkedIn account. Try to connect with people and companies in ways you haven't done before; try going to a networking event. These events can open you up to meet and connect with new people and businesses. You can make connections you didn't have access to prior. You may meet someone associated with a company or have an opportunity you may be interested in.

Refreshing you resume

It may be time to reorganize your resume. Having another set of eyes to look at your resume can be helpful. You can gain more insight, and they may be able to give you tips on things. In addition, many universities have someone who can review your resume. Some offer this service for free if you are a current student or alumnus.

Finding a mentor

Connecting with a mentor could give you accountability and could be motivating. However, having a mentor will look different depending on your industry. Seek out someone in the field or specialization you want to do. They could help you better understand the industry and give advice on things you could work on and improve on.

New skills

Learning new skills will add to your resume and make you more confident. You can take an online course, get a certification, or even go on YouTube to gain more skills.

Staffing Agency

Working with a staffing agency can open you up to opportunities you may not have known about. Here at Distinctive Staffing Services-TX, we work with companies looking for people like you to fill their roles. We, in turn, help connect you with an employer that can match what you're looking for. for more information contact us at 214-586-0956 or email at

How do you deal with the stressors of job hunting? Leave a comment letting us know.

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