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How can DSS TX help my business?

Millions of businesses are faced with the challenge of hiring staff to meet their daily business needs. The Great Resignation has resulted in a world wide labor shortage. Analysts debate if there is truly a shortage or are employees fed up and now require competitive wage, greater work life balance amongst other perks.

Why Choose Us

We're a women-owned business that strives to understand the needs of the employers and job seekers to help bring together the perfect match in expertise, experience, and expectations. Our platform and subscription service meets the needs of companies both large and small by offering various staffing approaches that help HR teams fulfill needs quickly, affordably, and in a way that minimizes the burden of existing resources. Staffing and recruiting employees can average out at about $4000 per job.

  • Exploratory Meeting- Tell us about your ideal candidate and what you are looking for in the role.

  • Sourcing Talent- We advertise roles across various outlets using a unique combination of trusted job websites, media channels and social media to ensure the job role is seen by the right people.

  • Screening & Shortlisting- We proofread and check all CVs and personally interview applicants over video so that you end up with a shortlist of strong qualified candidates.

  • Final Selection- We will be on hand during the entire interview process, offering advice from beginning to end, such as contract and salary negotiations.

  • Selection- We will stay actively engaged to ensure contractors are meeting performance expectations. We also follow up regarding direct hire placements to ensure you are satisfied with our services and final section.

We care about finding the right people for the right role, we want our clients and candidates to be highly satisfied.

  • Ongoing client engagement- We are here to support you until the job is done.

  • Reliable results- Our candidate pool is diverse, dedicated, and inclusive. We are focused and committed to placing candidates with employers with matching workstyles, resulting in a favorable candidate and client experience. Our appointments are successful, earning a 96% retention rate.

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