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Looking for a summer job or internship?

As the school year ends and the summer begins, many students try to find something to do. Maybe you're planning to take a class, volunteer, or look for a job or an internship.

There are many different opportunities you can look into. Here are a few:

  • Internship - These positions usually require more training and are more specialized in a specific industry. These opportunities can be paid or unpaid, depending on the opportunity.

  • Seasonal - These jobs are only for a specific time of the year. For example, if a store will hire a group of employees to work for busy seasons such as summertime and Christmas.

  • Full Time/Part Time work: How much time are you willing to commit? Full-time work is working 40 hours a week, and part-time is working less than 40 hours a week.

  • Volunteering - This is an unpaid position that can provide the student with experience. If a student wants to work as a social worker volunteering at a women's shelter could be helpful.

Starting researching opportunities ASAP

If you are interested in a job or an internship, have you already started looking? The earlier you start searching, the better. Some roles are filled months in advance, so it's best to start looking and applying for opportunities now.

Check with your school.

Many high schools and colleges have resources and connections with companies. In addition, most schools have career counselors or career services to help connect. Ask your advisor or counselor about these opportunities.


Ask your peers, classmates, friends, neighbors, and others about open jobs. You can use Facebook groups, LinkedIn contacts, and other social media sites to find opportunities that match your interests.

Temporary staffing & recruitment agencies

Many of these companies have temporary positions available. Our company, Distinctive Staffing Services TX, is a recruitment agency. Our mission is to connect talented underrepresented individuals with successful organizations earning livable wages while maintaining a work-life balance.

We have a student hiring event, Summerturn, on May 21st in Arlington, TX. Summerturn is a no-cost event connecting employers and teenage job seekers ready to contribute to the working world. If you want to know more about this event, check out our website. Now is an excellent time to start creating a resume if you haven't already done so. If you need help, you can get assistance from your school's career center, or you can attend our Summerturn event. We can help students with resume assistance while providing potential job/internship opportunities.

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