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Who is Distinctive Staffing Services TX?

Who is DSS TX?

Distinctive Staffing Services TX is a mission focused virtual-based recruiting and staffing agency that services for the Dallas & surrounding area, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. We are a women-owned and minority-owned company. For this reason, diversity and inclusion are a vital part of what we value and consistently remain at the forefront of everything we do.


The Great Resignation has resulted in a job-seekers market. Along with the pandemic, job losses have caused a labor shortage. Businesses big and small have been affected by this shortage. Many are struggling to find qualified candidates. We work with businesses of all sizes to find candidates that match their hiring needs. Our focus isn't to fill a position with a body but to connect the company with a candidate who can meet their long term needs. Working with us reduces hiring costs that companies pay, which can average about $4000 per employee.


Despite having an increase in hiring and job creation, many job seekers are unable to find jobs. Some candidates have job gaps or may be changing into another field. This could make it harder for them to get into the role they're seeking. In addition, we assist those job seekers looking to transition back into the workforce or those changing careers. We don't see our candidates as a number, but individuals. Along with finding a role for the candidate, we assist in CV writing, mock interviews, and skill assessments.


Check back with our blog weekly to see new articles about the job market, businesses, resources for job seeker, and much more. Leave a suggestion of a topic you want to know more about.

If you are interested in learning more about working with us contact us at 214-586-0956 or email at

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